Drone SDK development

September 2019

Drone SDK development

Our business needs are always evolving and the speed of development needs to catch up with it. We are investigating the potential development of way points, camera angle, positioning recording to generate building progression reports along with high details pictures for building surveys.
Our Team of experts are looking for the integration of different tools to easy the work at the site. They are currently spending time flying the drones and recording precise data, logged into the database then analysed.


Do we fly drones ? YES

– Piloting the drones
– Capturing the data
– Generating insights

– Architectural Engineering and Construction
– Roof Inspections
– Commercial and Residential Real Estate
– Insurance Inspections
– Public Safety and Security
– Energy and Utilities
– Marketing, Advertising and Events
– Precision Agriculture

What drones do we fly ?
– The light and portable DJI Mavic 2 pro along with the Smart Controller (Phantom 3 replacement)
– The DJI Aspire 1 for testing and development
– The DJI Aspire 2 for Movie recording
We works with partners FAA registered and specialized in each area to provide you the best industry expertise.

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